Tumblr’s cool and everything, but its hella repetitive. If other people aren’t spoiling tv shows or games I haven’t seen or played yet, Its my nonexistant ass reach to ghost followers. Debating on leaving or taking an extended ass break. Not even on no nagging type deal. 

Anyone who keeps up with me, shit, follow me on Instagram @sleepingway. Its not the best site in the world, but its better than breaking my ass in half over an edit that took me 5 hours that only gets me 1+ like and 3 reblogs. 

Maybe I’ll be back maybe not, feel free to unfollow. I’ll still follow you if I like your content.

I’m not gonna act like I love this site, when it take both Jesus and Satan for me to log on to this blue ass dash.

Till then take it easy. For those who give half a fuck anyway. 

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Troubleshooting space divas.

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games i sometimes cry over: mass effect 3

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Bioshock Infinite - Elizabeth

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asari book spreads - info (x) all pages (x)

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constants and variables

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